Monday, October 18, 2010

The Beautiful Parrot

These parrots are one of the worlds most popular parrots mainly because they are very, very social birds and easy to tame, they are known for being a hardy little parrot. Obviously this parrot gets its name for the decorative ring around its neck and vibrant colour. You should know that this parrot is one of natures most affectionate parrot and requires loads of attention and affection and will just adore it daily. While all of the Ringneck Parrots are popular, I have to say here that the Indian variety is hands down the most popular of all the Ringnecks and the easiest to find.

Ring Around the Collar

As I said earlier all of the ringnecks are easy to tame and teach but I will reiterate here that this Parrot needs lots of attention and if it does not recieve its share daily it can become a little on the nippy side, in other words it may peck to remind you not to neglect his daily requirment of affection. This is due to the fact that he is a very social breed and in the wild will live in flocks but the upside is that he will live well with other birds in a cage.
Because this parrot is very intelligent they will require stimulation. The Indian Ringneck parrot appreciates toys brightly coloured ones work well and don't forget to include rope for him/her to chew on and swing from also abell never hurts. Now to the size of your parrot, the Indian Ringneck Parrot will grow to about 14 inches in length also like many parrot species, the male and the female have different colouring. A mature male is the only one to have the pink neck ring. Also it is well to say herre that the Indian Ringneck Parrot is usually green but some colour mutations will include blue and turquoise. It has been estimated that there could be at least 50 mutations and as many as 100.
Members of the Indian Ringneck Parrot family tend to be individualists. Some of these parrots like to bathe while others dislike it intensely. Those who like bathing should be given a chance to splash. Those who dislike it can be misted weekly for cleanliness. The Indian Ringneck Parrot is not one of the great talkers of the parrot kingdom but some individuals do manage to learn. It does enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and should have some every day.
Like most parrots, a varied diet heavy in grains and seeds is the best. The most important aspect of their care is the attention and affection. The Indian Ringneck Parrot needs to socialize every day to maintain its good nature. Breeding is relatively easy. If there are several birds in the home, the breeding pair should be separated from the others during the breeding season. Like many parrot types, these usually sociable birds become aggressive at breeding time.
Since early breeding can result in egg binding, don’t place a breeding box in with the breeding pair before April. Unlike other human-loving parrots, the fledglings don’t need to be hand fed to become tame. The Indian Ringneck Parrot is a wonderful pet for those who have the time and the love that they need.
I think these are one of the better parrots to introduce to young children especially as they like to be handled and they adore affection and attention. Children love to lavish attention and if the parrot is taught tricks then they will keep are child amused and the bird will be well loved. Also if the child is older and wants to earn a little money they can breed these parrots. So in all I would say that you and your family will have many hours of fun with you Indian Ringneck.